Our offer

We can provide you with the following services:

  • Provision of suitable hardware and software
  • Provision of a bank account to implement the event
  • Incorporation of the event on the proprietary homepage with an online registration option
  • Participation fees, etc.
  • Participant registration
  • Registration confirmation
  • Demand payment of the participation fee
  • Payment control
  • Accounting, including VAT settlement
  • Correspondence with the participants
  • Reminder notices
  • Development of lists
  • Printing of attestations/certificates
  • Provision of the congress documents, including printing the badges
  • Participant support/management of the congress administrative office at the event
  • Final settlements
  • Comprehensive final report

This package is invoiced with a blanket amount per registered participant.
The details above do not include printed matters (paper, invoice forms, photocopies, toners, badges, envelopes, etc.), postage, bank and credit card charges. These are invoiced separately.

Additionally, the following services can be employed on detailed invoices:

  • Organisation of a suitable seminar location and accommodation support
  • Editing and printing of the programme
  • Dispatch of the seminar documents
  • Sponsoring support
  • Organisation of a branch exhibition

Prices and conditions:

Blanket amount per registered person: Fr. 25.– / person (+ VAT)
Additional services according to hours required Fr. 120.– / hours (+ VAT)
Terms and Conditions: Settlement upon conclusion of the seminar/congress together with the final report.

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